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Our History

Value-Centered Education


Our History

For decades Christian schools in local communities across Ontario have provided an opportunity for parents to give their children a value-centered based educational option focused on academic excellence. These schools, spawned out of local churches 40 or 50 years ago, have developed into truly dynamic learning centers focused on bettering the communities they exist in. Families attracted to private education have come from a wide spectrum of religious, cultural and social backgrounds and many communities across Southern Ontario have at least one Christian elementary school.

These schools are labeled as independent or private. Independence means that the schools are not controlled or funded by Federal, Provincial, or local government. Local private schools are owned and operated by legally formed local associations of parents and other interested members of the community. These local associations or school societies are not-for-profit corporations and are registered charities.

Milton had been one of the few remaining population centers in Southern Ontario without an independent, interdenominational Christian elementary school. Until 2006.

The Milton Christian Education Association (MCEA) started in 2003 when several Christian families from the Milton area began discussing the feasibility of a local, independent, multi-denominational Christian elementary school similar to those that already exist in Oakville, Mississauga, Georgetown, and Burlington.

The newly formed association elected a Board of Directors, and filed its application as a Not-for-Profit Corporation in Ontario. In early 2005 MCEA received its registration as a Charity from the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (RN# 856381546RR0001). This allowed the association to raise the funds necessary to establish the Milton school. After significant effort and community activity, Milton Christian School (MCS) opened its doors to students on September 5, 2006.

Milton Christian School is led and operated by the Milton Christian Education Association which is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors are elected for 3-year terms by the Association, during two regularly scheduled general business meetings held during the Fall and Spring.

Since its inception Milton Christian School has leased space from Southside Community Church. Six years later the school had outgrown the space and began the 2012/2013 school year at its new location, the former Milton Public Library located at 45 Bruce Street.

In March 2016, the Milton Christian Education Association announced the successful acquision of 7419 Tremaine Road; a beautiful 2.5 acre piece of property surrounded by parkland. This property will house the future permanent site of Milton Christian School.

MCS 2018/19 Board of Directors

Mrs. Elizabeth Oates > Chair

Mr. Tom Cahill > Vice Chair

Mr. Daniel Felix > Treasurer

Mr. Jeff Bergsma > Secretary

Mrs. Laurene Redding > Director

Mrs. Neetha Lukose > Director

Mr. Ramesh Jayakrishnan > Director