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About Us

Milton Christian School is the youngest and fastest growing private Christian School in Ontario, offering a dynamic education to students Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. At MCS, our primary goals are to be a centre for Academic Excellence and Godly Instruction, and to be a Blessing to our Community!

The dynamic curriculum and operation policies are sourced from Edvance Christian Schools and Canadian textbook publishers. Christian school curriculum has been professionally written and exceeds Ministry of Education standards. MCS students will also regularly take part in a national testing program, the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP), developed by the Northwest Evaluation Association.

Results of the most recent testing places MCS students at the 89th percentile nationally, with 82% of its student population operating at a minimum of one grade level higher than the national norm.

Description of Services Offered:

Grades JK through grade 8

  • Current Enrollment is 120 students, serving 85 families

  • Employs over 20 teachers and support staff

  • Before and after school programs

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Audience Served / Target Market

In March 2007 Statistics Canada’s 2006 Census Report identified Milton as Canada’s fastest growing community. In addition, the most recent Census data revealed that Milton is one of the most unique communities in Ontario, if not in Canada. Milton has been designated as a growth centre through the Government of Ontario’s Places to Grow Act. The best planning estimates project that Milton’s population for the year 2021 will surpass 145,000.

While Milton’s rapid growth has become well known over the last year, Milton has also evolved into one of the most educated, diverse and blossoming communities in Canada. In fact, Milton is the only community in Ontario with top-10 standings in three distinctive categories: Growth, Median Age and Educational Attainment.

The Heart of a Growing Community • October 2008

Unlike the rest of the province and the country as a whole, Milton is getting younger and with a median age of 34.4 years, sits as the second youngest community in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Currently, nearly 36% of Milton’s population consists of adults between the ages of 25 to 44, while 13% of Milton’s population consists of children between the ages of 5 and 14. This paints the portrait of Milton as a community of young, educated adults and young families with children.

These young families will be looking for excellent educational centres for their children — and they will find them at MCS. The Board of Directors of Milton Christian School is 100% committed to their vision to expand the school through the acquisition of new facilities, and continued development of programs which meet the needs of families. The board consists of well-connected Milton business people, strong supporters of education and people who believe in the future of Milton and their place in it.

Evidence of Past Accomplishments

  • Milton Christian School has experienced unprecedented growth, making it the youngest and fastest growing independent Christian School in Ontario.

  • Milton Christian School is as diverse as its home community. MCS currently serves over 120 students, from 81 different families, from over 27 cultural and ethnic backgrounds. It has naturally served new families making Milton home as over 65% of its participants have been living in Milton 5 years or less.

  • MCEA has experienced significant organic growth without intentionally marketing the school.

  • Milton Christian School currently employs over 25 teaching and support staff.

  • Milton Christian School has hosted and participated in a wide variety of community events, fundraisers, humanitarian efforts, and academic and athletic competitions.

  • MCEA has received over $790,000 in charitable donations since 2005.

  • MCEA has collected over $3.5 million in tuition revenue since 2006.

  • MCEA has generated over $1.2 million in other revenue since 2007 through programs such as a summer camp, after and before school program, specialized tutoring, and hot lunch program.

  • MCS administrators are empowered by their Board to actively meet the needs of their families. When challenged with a new opportunity, MCS staff respond with creativity and flexibility, and are ready to implement unique solutions. Some examples include the development of an American History class to accommodate an international family, and the addition of a Spanish program which evolved to include all students.

  • Flexibility and responsiveness are two of the many strengths of this school, designed to be a centre of educational excellence in the city of Milton.

  • A typical public school year encompasses 940 hours. MCS offers 1040 hours of instruction, giving teachers significantly more time to enact unique programs designed to explore student gifts and abilities and equip students for the future.

  • At Milton Christian School we begin with the end in mind. We see each child as an individual and encourage them to develop their gifts and abilities. The staff promote cross grade connections, fostering leadership in the older students, and a feeling of safety and connectedness in the younger students.

Milton Christian School would like to express it’s heartfelt thanks to the Board members who have helped to found this school. Their vision and their talents were crucial to our successful opening!

After much work and prayer the Milton Christian School opened its doors to students in September 2006. The student population tripled for the 2007-2008 school year, and there are currently 160 students enrolled at Milton Christian School.



Length of Time in Milton Community

MCEA established with a small handful of Milton families

MCEA receives Charitable Status from Corporations Canada and the Canada Revenue Agency

Milton Christian School begins with 11 students, enrolment of 18 by the end of its first year of operation

2012 Milton Christian School moves to 45 Bruce Street location

2016 Milton Christian School purchases 7419 Tremaine Road


Academic Excellence

At inception, MCS offered classes for Junior Kindergarten – Grade 5. Grade 6 was added in 2007 and Grade 7/8 in 2008. To meet the demands of parents.