Home study plays a vital role in the attainment of good progress. It is necessary to learn how to work and study effectively. Each student must learn to work by him/herself. With effective home study he/she can learn how to solve problems independently, to drill, to review, to summarize and to produce independent reading and research. Our staff assigns homework when the need exists. It is not our intention to let it become excessive or to become just busy work. It is given for a specific purpose. The amount varies from child to child based on need and the amount not completed during class time.

The following are guidelines for homework. There will be times when your child's homework load will exceed these guidelines because of projects and tests that need completion and study.

The following is an average amount of suggested minutes per day of home study.

• JK/SK: Reading, Letter recognition and math practice (5-10 min)
• 1: Reading and math practice (10-30 min)
• 2: Reading, math, memory work & spelling words (15-35 min)
• 3: Reading, math, spelling, memory work, unfinished class work and project work (20-40 min)
• 4-8: Spelling, assigned homework, project work and test preparation
• Gr. 4: 30 –  45 min
• Gr. 5,6: 45 – 60 min
• Gr. 7,8: 60 –  90 min
• If a student is away for several days in a row, they should acquire the work missed from the teacher and catch up at home.

Some Good Rules for Home Study

• Home study is a habit that can be learned through regular practice each night.
• If no homework is assigned, this is your opportunity to review.
• Have a time and place to study.
• Make out a study schedule.
• Take short breaks between periods of study. Few young people or adults can effectively concentrate for long periods of time without a short break.
• Do your most difficult subject first.
• Form the habit of asking for help whenever you do not understand some part of your work.
• Oral drill is excellent for most subjects. Ask someone at home to hear your work whenever possible.
• Don't be satisfied with just getting by. Get the satisfaction that comes from doing your work thoroughly and well.