Extra Curricular

The goal of the extra curricular programs at Milton Christian School is to develop well-rounded students who are enabled to develop their gifts for service in God’s world. Along with the regular course of study at the school (curriculum), MCS also offers many related and complementary activities (co-curriculum) for students to enjoy. These activities include various sports teams (e.g. soccer, volleyball, basketball, hockey etc.), clubs (e.g. drama & dance, choir, Eco, art etc.) and academic related opportunities (e.g. Science Fairs, Battle of the Books, Spelling Bees etc.). While participating in these events, our students learn to develop their skills, to work as a team, and to demonstrate sportsmanship in game play. The eagerness and enthusiasm of the students in regards to our co-curricular program is very evident and appreciated. The opportunity to participate in co-curricular activities is limited, however, by two important considerations.

1. Good Academic Standing

Students who participate in the co-curricular activities must maintain good academic  standing in class, with special emphasis on completing assignments on time and in accordance with teacher expectations. The homeroom teacher, in conjunction with teachers who instruct on a rotational basis, determines good academic standing.

2. Exemplary Conduct

Students who participate in the co-curricular activities must also display exemplary conduct in school and in the community.

The homeroom teacher and the principal determine appropriate behaviour according to the Student Code of Conduct and a student’s status in relation to the Discipline Policy. It is very important that our students understand their responsibility to always do their best for the glory of God in all areas of their lives.

Extra-Curricular Activities 

Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Track and Field, Ice Hockey, Cross Country, Intramural Sports, Battle of the Books, Art Club, Crochet Club, Press Club, Student Council, Board Games Club

Special Events at MCS

Grandparents Day, Graduation (Sk/Grade 8), Christmas Production, MCS Social Events


Every Wednesday a minister/guest speaker leads a worship service.

Mother’s Prayer Group

MCS Committees

Fundraising, Church Engagement, Future Devlopment, Finance, Marketing