Enrollment Process

Milton Christian School has a user-friendly, yet comprehensive enrollment process that allows parents to be well informed about what MCS offers.  The enrollment process is also designed to meet two needs.  One, to ensure that the school can meet the learning needs of your child, and have the resources to meet those needs.  Secondly, we need to ensure that all prospect families understand and support Christ-centred education.

The following steps comprise our enrollment process:

Step 1

Schedule an educational consultation and facility tour with our Principal, Mr. Jules de Jager.  You must schedule and keep your appointment.  The principal will gladly give you a tour of the school, introduce you to staff members, and answer any questions you may have about MCS.  The principal will discuss the desires and goals you have for your children's education, and highlight the vision and mission of Milton Christian School.

Step 2

Review the admissions information and/or the enrollment package to ensure you fully understand the purpose and mission of MCS, our commitment to you, tuition information as well as the services offered. The principal will also follow up with you to see if you have any questions.

Step 3

Registration Forms should be completed, signed and submitted along with;

- A one-time, non-refundable application fee of $500 per household/family.

- Proof of Age (Birth Certificate/Passport)

- Any Immunization Records

The interviews and visits for new registrations, or any with changing needs, should assess the needs of the student and the subsequent ability of MCS to provide for them. (See Special Needs Policy)

Step 4

Visit Days, Faculty Consultations and/or performance assessments will occur once a family has submitted the necessary application documents and fees.  Such interviews and visits for new registrations, or for any current registrations, should assess the needs of the student and the subsequent ability of MCS to provide for them (See Special Needs Policy)

Step 5

Students are considered enrolled once a letter is issued by MCS to the family stating successful enrolment.

Mid-year admissions are welcomed.  Please contact Principal Jules de Jager to set up a time to come for a visit.  We look forward to meeting you.