All children have the opportunity to participate in a variety of intramural sports and school teams such as: soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball, cross-country, track and field and badminton. Intramurals are scheduled for our lunch hours and involve all students in Grades 4-8. Our school teams participate in tournaments with other Christian schools. The students that participate are generally selected from our intermediate classes (Grades 5-8). The following objectives and guidelines summarize the school’s goals for its sports program and competition in general:


• To provide students with the opportunity for Christian fellowship with students from other schools.
• To encourage students to develop a lifestyle of physical fitness which promotes good stewardship of their bodies.
• To assist students in the development of their God-given athletic skills/gifts.
• To help students develop a healthy Christian attitude towards competition.
• To foster within the students a healthy respect for the players on the opposing team as fellow image bearers of God, and to appreciate their God-given athletic skills/gifts.
• To teach students to respect authority by graciously accepting and acting upon instructions and decisions made by coaches and referees.
• To promote the development of skills that lead to effective teamwork.
• To foster within the students an attitude of joy and praise to God as they explore and develop their athletic gifts.


• Selection of team members is to be made from Grades 5-8. Only when there are not enough players from these grades, will lower grades be considered.
• When players are selected to play for a team, they should be allowed to participate in most of the games for a reasonable percentage of the time.
• School team shirts will be worn only during games.
• Coaches are responsible for all the players before, during, and after each practice or game. Coaches are to supervise the students until the last student has been picked up from the practice or game. They are not to be left alone waiting for a ride unless an adult is present.
• Coaches are responsible to arrange for transportation for all the players to and from the games.
• A teacher must always accompany the students when they participate in sporting events at home or away from the school for the purpose of general supervision.
• Any additional scheduling of games outside of the regular schedule will need the approval of the principal.
• Before and after games/tournaments, players are to remain together as a team. Drivers are to return students directly to the school unless it is decided that the whole team will participate in an activity, like going out to a restaurant.
• Students are not permitted to leave the general tournament area at any time without the permission of the supervising teacher who will ensure that proper supervision will occur.

We believe that fresh air and exercise are very important to help a child be ready to learn. All students are expected to go outside during recess. Please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather conditions. If a student is too ill to go outside, they should remain at home to fully recover.
Students are only permitted to play non-contact games at school. Non-contact hockey is allowed during the winter term, but students must use their own equipment. Snow throwing is not allowed at any time, but students may engage in constructive snow playing such as fort / snowman building. Students are not allowed to use their rollerblades, Heelys, or skateboards, on the playground. If a student gets hurt while playing on the playground and is not able to function throughout the remainder of the school day, parents will be notified.